Steel Enamel Reactor for Metal-free Product Handling

This plant with 2 steel enamel reactors is a robust and reliable solution for chemical processes containing corrosive chemicals. With two steel enamel reactors, chemically inert measuring points, pipes and pumps, this plant provides the ideal environment for safely carrying out chemical reactions without metal contact. It features high-quality construction for durability and efficiency. Full

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Hermetically Sealed Plant with Airlock and Wash Column

Hermetically sealed stirred tank equipment is the ideal solution for the safe handling and processing of hazardous materials in demanding industrial environments. This equipment has been specially designed to ensure maximum safety and control. With hermetic sealing, a special airlock and a scrubbing column for exhaust gas treatment, it offers first-class protection for operators, who

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Absorption and Distillation Plant

Our absorption and distillation plant is designed for precise distillation and absorption processes in multiple applications. Consisting of a DN40 glass column for distillation with condenser, a natural circulation evaporator with control and pumps, and a column for absorption with circulation pump and storage tank for the scrubbing liquid, this plant can be used for

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Drag Reduction Test System

This Drag Reduction Test System is used to test chemicals for the reduction of unwanted dragging of components during the oil production process. It can be used to systematically investigate the effectiveness of various additives. It consists of a dosing device for the chemicals, a heated 100-liter pre- and post-tank with circulation pump, a variable

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