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Project Planning

Preparation of a Quotation

We prepare individual quotations based on the technical requirements communicated by the customer.
Every plant is different and therefore the type of information required changes as well as the project process. The more precise the information is, the more accurately and quickly we can prepare your quotation.

The following information is helpful for the best possible quotation:

  • General process requirements
  • Flow diagram sketch showing the arrangement and interconnection
  • Type, number and size of the main units
  • Minimum and maximum working pressure
  • Minimum and maximum working temperature
  • Materials
  • Flow rates in the feed and product lines
  • Phases and types of flows
  • Conditions such as size, climate, ventilation etc. at the installation site
  • Additional specifications (e.g. potentially explosive, highly corrosive, GMP-ready, etc.)

As a specialist in system planning, system design and automation, we are unfortunately unable to provide any process guarantees for the end product. However, based on your specifications, we will be happy to prepare a quotation for the apparatus size needed as well as the desired operating conditions and support you with our many years of experience should you ever be unsure of individual specifications.

As a rule, we prepare quotations free of charge. However, depending on the complexity of an enquiry it is possible that the effort required to prepare the necessary technical documentation is so large that a charge for basic engineering becomes necessary before the quotation is prepared.

Project Procedure

By ordering your Miniplant from us, you benefit from our many years of experience and thus from short production and delivery times. Typically, the process of your project is divided into the following sub-items:

Before commissioning

Project stepTime required (weeks)
1Enquiry with us and clarification of important questions0,5 – 4
2Preparation of a first quotation2 – 8
3Adjusting the quotation1 – 12

After placing the order

Project stepTime required (weeks)
4Detailed planning with preparation of drawings and customer approval3-8
5Ordering the system components8 – 26
6Construction of the plant4 – 10
7Testing the system1 – 6
8Final release, FAT2 – 4
10Connection at installation site0 – 3
11Commissioning, SAT0,5 – 1
12if necessary, maintenance and serviceas required

Project Planning in Pictures

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