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Special components and equipment according to customer requirements

About AP-LabParts

AP-LabParts is our answer to the demand for customized equipment in the process engineering industry. In addition to complete plants in our AP-MyPlant and AP-SmartPlant product lines, we offer customized special components, apparatus and special parts that are manufactured exactly to your specifications.

Our strength lies in the functional integration and reliability of our solutions. For some applications, we have experience in combining process steps in one apparatus, which is usually a great advantage for the process. Our experts will help you to develop a solution for your application.

Your advantages with AP-LabParts:

Specially adapted to the requirements as a system component in miniplants
Decades of experience flow into the design
Designed for robustness and reliability
Integration of the measurement technology in the device
Individual special components
Customization of standard components

Our equipment and components


Stirred reactors and pressure reactors

We offer a wide range of different designs of reactors, e.g. as stirred reactors, pressure reactors, tubular reactors or special reactors for laboratories and pilot plants.


Stirrer Couplings

Our stirrer couplings have been specially developed for small reactors and are available in various designs. They are characterized by small designs, robustness and reliability.


Gas and Liquid Separators

Our gas and liquid separators are suitable for small and medium flow rates. They provide effective separation of gases, liquids and particles for optimum process control.


Measurement Technology for Laboratory and Pilot Plants

Our measurement technology includes temperature sensors, torque sensors and process analytics. It enables precise measurements in laboratory and pilot plants for reliable process control.


Containers for Storage, Transportation and Sampling

Our containers and tanks are available in various sizes and materials. They are ideal for storage, dosing, transportation or sampling.

The component you need is not listed?
As a specialist in special systems, we always try to find a functioning solution. AP-LabParts provides you with solutions that meet even the most demanding requirements while offering the highest quality and reliability. You can rely on our expertise to solve your process engineering challenges.

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