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Measurement technology for laboratory and pilot plants

Measurement technology plays a decisive role in the precise recording and evaluation of physical variables. In addition to precise analysis, laboratory and pilot plants often require particularly space-saving or individual solutions. AP-Miniplant offers measurement technology for laboratory systems that is specially tailored to the challenges of small systems.

Temperature Sensors for Tube Fittings

Our temperature sensors for tube fittings are particularly suitable for precise measurement in a pipe. By placing the sensor in a T-piece that fits the pipe, the heat dissipation error is reduced and installation costs are kept low. Both thermocouples and Pt100 sensors with an external pipe diameter of Ø6 mm or larger can be integrated.

For a particularly space-saving integration of temperature sensors and the measurement of temperature distribution over the height of a tubular reactor, we offer multiple temperature sensors. Up to 10 thermocouples are integrated in a single protective tube for this purpose. The type of thermocouple, the position of the measuring points and much more can be adapted to the respective requirements.

Temperature sensor in pipe PT100
Temperature sensor integrated in pipe
Multiple temperature sensors as measurement technology for laboratory systemsr als Messtechnik für Laboranlagen
6-fold temperature sensor

Torque Sensors

We use a non-contact torque measurement that is less sensitive to lateral forces and bending moments than conventional torque measurements and is wear-free as there are no sliding contacts. In addition, the overload capacity is 100 % of the nominal torque. The torque measurement is available in steps from 2.5 to 500 Nm. The power input can be precisely determined by optionally measuring the speed. Our torque sensors are compatible with the stirrer couplings for small reactors we offer.

Torque sensor for recording torque and rotational speed
Torque sensor between motor and agitator clutch

Process Analytics and Gas Warning Systems

We offer different measurement technology for laboratory systems to record the concentration of gases, depending on the application. To record concentrations for process analysis, e.g. for catalyst test benches, we offer the integration of gas chromatographs provided by the customer, whereby we integrate the necessary provision of auxiliary gases and samples into the system.

Once the measurement task has been defined, we can also offer analyzers as part of a complete package. Such devices can be, for example

  • Laboratory or process GC
  • FTIR
  • Single or multi-gas measuring devices, e.g. for O2, CO, CO2, H2S
GC in as measurement technology for laboratory plant
GC integration with gas treatment (adsorber not fitted)
Gas warning system for laboratory plant
Gas warning systems for toxic and explosive gases

We offer gas warning systems from various manufacturers for monitoring gas concentrations where there is a risk of toxic or explosive atmospheres. The combination of audible and visual signals and integration into the emergency stop system ensures safe operation of the system. A further advantage is that the integration of a gas warning system in conjunction with an enclosure can often avoid classification as an explosion-proof-system.

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