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Catalyst test plants for process investigations and service life tests

In the development and optimization of catalysts, test systems support the scale-up and transfer of processes to production scale. After screening suitable catalyst candidates, extrudates and tower packings must be evaluated with regard to their efficiency, as the characteristic values determined in the laboratory can change considerably during continuous operation. Our catalyst test facilities accelerate your process development and reduce uncertainties at reduced costs by providing a professional platform for the important step towards real-life application.

For trouble-free, continuous operation, we offer our catalyst test systems fully automated. Both homogeneous and heterogeneous gas phase reactions can be characterized. Even the smallest quantities of water vapor or hydrocarbons can be dosed using reliable evaporator and sensor technology. All our systems are individually adapted to your process, built and delivered so that you retain full control over your development process. You get a tailor-made solution that exactly meets your requirements.

Katalysator Testanlage, catalyst test rig

Our reliable automation provides you with a particularly robust solution, enabling continuous operation and rapid product development. By using state-of-the-art material combinations, we can realize high-temperature furnaces up to 1000 °C and pressures up to 50 bar.

Highlights Fully Automatic Catalyst Test Systems:

  • Modular design for versatile customization options.
  • Selectable number of gas feeds and liquid supplies with steam generator.
  • High-temperature tubular reactor (Ø 4-100 mm, length 200 – 1200 mm) up to 850 °C under pressure, up to 1000 °C unpressurized.
  • Working pressures 0.1 to 200 bar, design pressure up to 250 bar.
  • Compact design in a ready-to-connect frame.
  • Optional convection oven up to 200 °C to prevent condensation instead of trace heating.
  • Integrated analytics and sensors for recording turnover, product flows and concentration
  • Fully automated system with data acquisition and recipe control.
  • Maximum flexibility in recipe definition.

The technical data shown represents a pre-configured system with numerous customization options. Please contact us for more detailed information or a quote.

Variants in AP-MyPlant:

For more complex projects such as multi-reactor systems, we offer individually planned catalyst test plants as part of our AP-MyPlant product line.

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