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Laboratory Reactors – Microreactors/Pressure Reactors/Special Reactors

The laboratory reactor is often the central element of a miniplant. We have already implemented a large number of different designs – as microreactors, pressure reactors, stirred autoclaves or special configurations. As part of our AP-LabParts product line, we offer you these reactors as special components.

Each laboratory reactor is individually adapted by us to the requirements of the respective process on the basis of standard sizes.

The materials used are stainless steel, glass, Hastelloy™, PTFE and glass-lined steel as well as other materials on request. Stirrers, stirrer feedthroughs, gas inlet pipes, flow breakers, lighting, solids locks and, last but not least, measurement technology can be customized for your laboratory reactor.


Pressure Reactors/Stirred Autoclaves

Rührautoklav, Druckreaktor
Agitator of a stirred reactor with reactant supply

We offer pressure reactors either as continuously or batch-operated laboratory reactors. Batch-operated stirred autoclaves are particularly suitable for scaling up production processes. We offer a wide volume range from 0.1 to 300 liters. Our range of pressure reactors extends from fine vacuum to 150 bar. The stirred autoclave can be heated either with oil (-70 °C to 350 °C) or electrically (>350 °C).

We offer our stirred reactors with process-specific agitators that enable homogeneous mixing depending on the viscosity range and process volume. We offer a wide range of different stirrer geometries from simple blade stirrers to spiral stirrers for high viscosities, as can occur in polymerization reactions.

With our stirred reactors, you also benefit from our extensive range of accessories, such as our particularly slim stirrer couplings and matching torque sensors.

Helical stirrer in a polymerization reactor
Helical stirrer in a polymerization reactor

Tubular Reactors

Our tubular reactors offer a wide range of options and are therefore suitable for various requirements in the chemical industry. Available in quartz glass, stainless steel or Hastelloy, they can be used in different processes. We offer different tube furnace configurations so that precise temperature control and regulation is possible. Quick-release fasteners allow easy replacement of the reactors used. An optional convection oven minimizes heat loss, eliminating the need for additional trace heating.

Our tubular reactors allow a wide pressure range of up to 200 bar and temperatures of up to 1000 °C. The reactors can be configured for both fluidized bed and fixed bed reactions to ensure optimal mixing and contacting of reactants. These options enable precise control over reaction conditions and help researchers to develop and optimize innovative chemical processes.


Microreactors are particularly suitable for highly exothermic processes and for very expensive or aggressive chemicals. With a capacity in the ml range, they are ideal for experiments and processes in which the use of large quantities of reaction components is to be avoided. We can manufacture them from stainless steel, Hastelloy or PTFE, which guarantees high chemical resistance. Thanks to pressure-resistant encapsulation, we can even offer reactors made of PTFE as pressure reactors.

Mikroreaktor, Kleinreaktor; Microreactor, small reactor
Miniature pressure reactor made of PTFE

Special Designs

In addition to standard reactor geometries, AP-Miniplant also offers individually planned and manufactured special designs of laboratory reactors. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer you innovative solutions for demanding reactions, such as rotating reactors, pressurized dosing systems or coated reactor systems. We will be happy to help you find the optimum solution for your requirements.

Drehender Reaktor
Continuously moving tubular reactor

Do you need an Automated Stirred Reactor System?

In addition to our laboratory reactors, we also offer preconfigured and individually planned stirred reactor systems as part of our AP-SmartPlant and AP-MyPlant product lines. Based on your requirements, we develop individual stirred reactor plants that are perfectly tailored to your needs. Our aim is to design plants that guarantee maximum efficiency, product quality and safety.

Find out more about our stirred reactor systems here…

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