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Stirred Reactor System from AP-Miniplant

Stirred reactors are essential for numerous processes in the chemical, pharmaceutical and biological industries. Our stirred reactor systems with complete automation offer you a reliable and customizable solution for numerous areas of application.

We build plants with one or more laboratory reactors with a capacity of 0.25 to 100 liters as stainless steel pressure reactors or as glass reactors for pressureless applications. Our systems are always designed to customer specifications, and you can benefit from particularly cost-effective, pre-configured systems.

Rührreaktorsystem, stirring reactor system

Stirred reactor system with 30 l reactor volume, fully enclosed and temperature-controlled

Unique processes require individual solutions

Our systems can be used both continuously and in batch operation. Thanks to our cooperation with specialized manufacturers, we can implement even challenging process conditions with high viscosities, high pressures or in a vacuum. Agitator couplings are specially produced for us by well-known manufacturers to take account of the limited space available, using magnetic couplings, mechanical agitator seals or lip seals. From planning to assembly, we are at your side as a reliable partner.

Stirred reactor systems – automated and future-proof

Our systems are equipped with reliable automation technology that allows you to precisely control and monitor your processes. This not only means an increase in production speed, but also a reduction in error rates. Reliable measurement technology combined with innovative solutions help you to optimize your production process and gain a competitive advantage.

Cleaning and filling at the touch of a button

On request, we can provide you with stirred reactor systems with integrated CIP (Cleaning in Place) or SIP (Sterilization in Place) systems. Fully automatic filling of your products is also possible – even in an inert atmosphere. By adding our automated filter dryer to your system, you can effectively retain solid products and dry them as required.

Technical Data:

  • Reactors in various forms: Gas phase reactor, dished bottom reactor, reactor with conical bottom, continuous reactors
  • Reactor volume: from 0.25 to 100 litres
  • Pressure: from -1 to 200 bar
  • Temperature: from – 40 to + 330 °C
  • Materials: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, enamelled steel
  • Including accessories such as total and partial condensers, cold traps, vacuum pump, measurement technology, heating and cooling technology, strand cooler and granulator and much more.
  • Automated with Siemens S7 control and PC operation with a WinCC SCADA system including recipe control.
  • Examples: Gas-phase and slurry polymerisation of olefins, polycondensation of polyester, emulsion polymerisation of styrene, polyamides.

Areas of application for a stirred reactor system:



Continuous reactors



Metal-free units

Polymerization reactors

Stirred reactors

Cultivation reactors

Do you need a single reactor instead of a whole system system?

In addition to our stirred reactor system, we also offer individually designed and manufactured stirred reactors as stand-alone components as part of our AP-LabParts product line.
Find out more about our laboratory reactors here…

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