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Containers and tanks for storage, transportation and sampling

Areas of application for our containers and tanks

In the process industry, containers play a crucial role in the safe storage, handling and processing of chemical substances. We offer containers and tanks for various applications and in different materials:

  • Storage: For safe storage of chemicals.
  • Dosing and mixing: Precise addition and homogenization.
  • Safety containers: Prevent leakage of hazardous substances.
  • Transportation: Mobile containers for safe chemical transportation.
  • Reaction reactors: Take a look at our range of laboratory reactors .
Behälter für Lagerung von Chemikalien

Our container solutions

Sperrflüssigkeitsbehälter aus Edelstahl mit Schauglas

Stainless steel barrier liquid containers with sight glass:

Our stainless steel barrier liquid container with sight glass was designed as a barrier liquid container, but is also suitable as an intermediate container for dosing under pressure, e.g. for liquefied gas. It can be fitted with various sensors and connections and has a sight glass.

Fahrbarer Auffangbehälter 50 L mit Bodenablass

Mobile stainless steel containers with bottom outlet:

Our mobile collection containers facilitate the handling and transportation of liquids at your site. The integrated bottom drain enables easy emptying and cleaning, which increases the efficiency of your work processes. Available up to 100 L in stainless steel and other materials on request.

Dosierbueretten verschiedener Größe mit Schaugläsern, Hähnen und Schnellkupplungen

Dosing burettes of various sizes with sight glasses, taps and quick couplings:

Precise dosing is crucial in many industrial processes. Our dosing burettes offer a reliable solution for precise dosing with sight glasses, taps and quick-release couplings for efficient and accurate handling.

Auffang-Behälter aus Edelstahl mit 50 L
Kunststoffkanister mit Auffang-Behälter auf einer Waage

Stainless steel drums, plastic canisters, bottles etc. :

We adapt a wide variety of containers to the task at hand. We use standardized containers as a basis. We equip these with the required connections, measuring technology, etc. and use them as feed and product containers, for sampling, as collecting containers or trays, etc.

Thanks to our broad knowledge of the market combined with our extensive application experience, we are often able to offer an economical yet tailor-made solution. If there is no suitable solution available as a standard container, we can fall back on a production network that has been tried and tested over many years.

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