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Absorption and Distillation Plant

Our absorption and distillation plant is designed for precise distillation and absorption processes in multiple applications. Consisting of a DN40 glass column for distillation with condenser, a natural circulation evaporator with control and pumps, and a column for absorption with circulation pump and storage tank for the scrubbing liquid, this plant can be used for various processes.

The system consists of two separate columns for distillation and absorption. In this system the packing material is a packed bed. Both columns can be operated in a vacuum as well as up to 0.5 bar above ambient pressure and up to 250 °C. The absorption and distillation system can be conveniently controlled on site via an integrated touch panel and offers intuitive and reliable automation.


  • Distillation column: DN40 glass column and condenser for reliable distillation.
  • Absorption column: For efficient absorption processes with circulating pump.
  • Pressure from -1 to 0.5 bar, temperature up to 250°C.
  • Optional control: Can be equipped with small control and panel or paperless recorder.
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