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Drag Reduction Test System

This Drag Reduction Test System is used to test chemicals for the reduction of unwanted dragging of components during the oil production process. It can be used to systematically investigate the effectiveness of various additives. It consists of a dosing device for the chemicals, a heated 100-liter pre- and post-tank with circulation pump, a variable static mixing section, a cyclone and a settling tank, all of which are made of transparent acrylic glass. The entire system is automated with individual controllers and data loggers to ensure reproducible test results.


  • Drag Reduction Test System to investigate chemicals in petroleum production.
  • Precise metering and mixing equipment.
  • Heated pre- and post-storage with circulation pump.
  • Use of transparent acrylic glass for cyclone and settling tank.
  • Automation with individual controllers and data loggers for reliable results.
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