Crystallization Plant for Crystallization from Aqueous Solutions under Vacuum

The crystallization plant is designed for the crystallization of solids from a concentrated aqueous solution under vacuum. The feed tank is equipped with a heating jacket and a propeller stirrer. The feed lines to the main reactor vessel are fitted with trace heating. Crystallization takes place in the glass reactor. It is equipped with a […]

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3 L-Synthesis Reactor

This synthesis reactor has a 3-liter stirred glass reactor system that is suitable for feeding both liquids and gases, as well as a solid feed designed for slurries.This system is designed for a maximum pressure of 2.4 bar and can reach a maximum temperature of 200 °C. It is also equipped with an industrial control

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50 L – Reactor

This plant consists of a 50-liter reactor plant. It features a compact unit that includes a thermostat covering a temperature range of -10 to 150 °C, and an integrated feed pump.Digital data acquisition options are offered via USB or Ethernet interfaces, enabling efficient but easy data recording and transmission of vital process information Features: Technical

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4 L Melt-Polycondensation Reactor

This system includes a 4-litre polycondensation reactor as the main reactor. The optimum amount of melt is approx. 2 kg. It has 2 steam lines. Firstly, there is a column as a dephlegmator followed by a condenser. This allows a highly volatile component to be separated and a component with a higher boiling point to

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glass polymerization plant; Polymerisationsanlage mit Glasreaktor

Glass Polymerization Plant

This glass polymerization plant contains exchangeable glass pressure reactors. They come in two sizes, 1 liter and 0.5 liters. The reactors feature a heating and cooling system and are equipped with three automatic gas feeds. You also have the option for manual solid and liquid feed. These reactors are controlled by a PLC – industrial

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