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Glass Polymerization Plant

glass polymerization plant; Polymerisationsanlage mit Glasreaktor

This glass polymerization plant contains exchangeable glass pressure reactors. They come in two sizes, 1 liter and 0.5 liters. The reactors feature a heating and cooling system and are equipped with three automatic gas feeds. You also have the option for manual solid and liquid feed. These reactors are controlled by a PLC – industrial control system, providing you with precise control for your experiments.

The clear and intuitive operation allows you to start polymerization quickly. Thanks to the compact, mobile design, you can use this glass polymerization plant flexibly and even operate it up to 12 bar within an autoclave room.


  • Intended use: Polymerization of ethylene or propylene.
  • Glass reactor 1 l with automatic pressure control.
  • Controlled dosing of 3 different gas feeds (e.g. ethylene, hydrogen, and propylene).
  • Liquid feed addition via burettes (maximum volume 250 ml).
  • Solid feeder to add slurries and solids under pressure.
  • Extendable via spare connections.
  • Max. pressure 12 bar in a safe room.
  • Design temperature 200 °C.

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions L x D x Hmm990 x 760 x 1800
Pressure in circuitbar-1 to 12 in an autoclave room
-1 to 6 in a laboratory environment.
Recommended operating pressure is 80% of the allowable pressure
Reactor is suitable for vacuum applications
Temperature°C-20 to 200 °C
Reactor typeBuechi® Ecoclave®, 1 and ½ liter glass with jacket and round bottom
Motor typeCyclone 075 with integrated magnetic coupling
Stirrer speedrpm100 – 3000, limited to 1500 in automatic mode
Stirrer torqueNcmMax. 75, continuous torque 16
Gas suppliesNml/minPropylene 100 – 5000
Ethylene 100 – 5000
Hydrogen 40 – 2000
Liquid suppliesExchangeable burettes, 25, 100 and 250 ml
Solid and slurry supplyDosing unit, 100 ml
Vent control valveSamson control valve type 3510 with electrical drive, kvs = 0.025 (m³/h)
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