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Electrolysis Test Rig for up to 3 Electrolysis Cells

Electrolysis cell test rig

This electrolysis test rig for up to 3 electrolysis cells has been designed with reliability and versatility in mind.
Each electrolysis cell in this system is connected to two pumps that ensure precise control of both the anode and cathode circuits. The system includes two 5-liter stainless steel tanks with temperature and level measurement and regulation to ensure reliable conditions for your experiments. The thermostat can reach temperatures of up to 80 °C and gives you control over the environmental parameters.
You can set the temperature control flow rate for each cell independently. This allows you to tailor your experiments to your exact requirements.

Remote control of the power supply is very easy with our electrolysis test rig. It has three independent channels, so you have complete control over current or voltage settings. This level of control is invaluable for precise experiments.
The modular expandability of the automation system, which is housed in a control cabinet, also allows you to expand your research capabilities with ease. The user-friendly operation simplifies your work. Control the dust and water jet-proof (IP65) system directly from your PC. The recipe control allows you to manage all three test cells independent from each other, which makes your experiments even more efficient and convenient.


  • Dual Pumps: Each cell boasts separate pumps for anode and cathode circuits, ensuring the utmost accuracy in your tests.
  • Temperature Control: Two 5 L stainless steel tanks with temperature control guarantee an ideal environment for your experiments. A thermostat with water up to 80 °C controls the temperature.
  • Tailored Temperature Control: Adjust the temperature control flow rate individually for each cell to meet your specific needs.
  • Power in Your Hands: With a remotely controllable power supply featuring 3 independent channels, you can effortlessly manage current or voltage.
  • Secure and Modular: Our fully enclosed system includes a polypropylene drip tray for added safety. Additionally, it can easily be expanded with a modular automation system in a control cabinet.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Operate everything from your PC with dust and jet water protection (IP65) directly at the system. Take advantage of recipe control to independently manage all three test cells.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions L x D x Hmm1200 x 800 x 1990
Pressure in circuitbar-0.1 to 0.5
Pressure in temperature control circuitbar-0.1 to 5
Temperature°C5- 80 °C
Permissible ambient temperature °C10 – 35 °C
Power supply400 V/ 50 Hz 3 Ph. 16 A
ConnectionCEE plug, 16A
Power consumption max.kW4,5
Emergency stop buttons1 pc. in front
ComputerScreen-integrated, IP65, 8 GB RAM, SSD 256 GB, CPU Intel Core i5, operating system Windows 10 Enterprise, Vers. 2019 LTSC
Control systemSiemens S7 ET 200SP CPU 1510SP
SCADA softwareSimatic WinCC V7
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