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Drum Dryer for Drying and Solid Phase Polymerization

This drum dryer was specially developed for drying processes and solid-phase polymerization. This unit offers an ideal platform for testing and optimizing of various drying and polymerization processes. The seven baskets allow to take samples of material after certain drying times in order to evaluate a pattern of process parameters over the time. With a drying temperature of up to 250 °C, controlled nitrogen gassing and a vacuum pump, this drum dryer offers a wide range of process control options. Automation is achieved using a controller with reliable program control to ensure precise and reproducible results.


  • Versatile application: Ideal for drying processes and solid phase polymerization.
  • High drying temperatures of up to 250 °C.
  • Controlled nitrogen gassing and vacuum pump for optimal conditions.
  • Flexible removal: individual removal of the seven baskets possible at different times.
  • Automated processes: Individual controllers with program control for precise results.
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