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Mechanical Seal for Small Stirred Vessels

AP-Miniplant offers a double-acting mechanical seal system for small stirred vessels.

The advantage of the mechanical seal over the magnetic coupling is that no product can get into the bearing of the agitator shaft. The transmittable torque is not limited by the magnet and can therefore also be used with very high viscosities of e.g. 1,000,000 mPas. Even high temperatures are no problem due to the controlled temperature of the sealing liquid. A process pressure-guided control always ensures an appropriate pressure difference. In contrast to a fixed pressure overlay, this minimizes wear on the seal rings. The agitator closure is optimized for low space consumption and leaves a maximum of available connection space on the lid.

We offer our innovative mechanical seal system as a stand-alone system within our AP-LabParts product line as well as integrated into laboratory reactors.

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