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Test Plant for Fluidized Bed Reactor Research

This fluidized bed reactor test system is a versatile system designed for research and testing applications. It has interchangeable inserts to reproduce different flow profiles. This allows the test system to be adapted to specific research requirements. The precise measurement of pressure differences at various points in the reactor using a variable differential pressure sensor allows the behavior of fluidized beds to be recorded and analysed in detail. At the same time, optical observation through transparent plates is possible. The test facility for fluidized bed reactors is operated with humidified compressed air. Compressed air and water for humidification are automatically added via a mass flow controller.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with two multi-channel recorders for data recording. The multi-channel recorders not only ensure comprehensive documentation of the experiments, but are also a reliable and cost-effective way of monitoring the process


  • Interchangeable flow bodies in a transparent rectangular duct.
  • Measurement of pressure difference on variable positions in the reactor.
  • Humidified Air as test fluid.
  • Two multi channel recorders with a total of 12 analogue data points.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions W x D x Hmm456 x 416 x 1638
Electrical supply1 x N/PE 230 AC, 50Hz, 2,2 kW
Ambient conditions10 to 35 °C
Air flowNm³/h50
Water flowg/h400
Humidity sensor0 to 95 %
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