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2-Stage Melt Polymerization Plant

This 2-stage melt polymerization plant is designed for high-temperature polymerization processes. It consists of two insulated 10-liter high-temperature reactors, which can reach pressures of 4.8 and 24 bar and temperatures of up to 330 °C. This allows for production of polymers at high temperatures in the melt. This melt polymerization plant also has three thermostats to precisely control the temperatures of the reactors and condensers. The reactors themselves have an electronic lift system, which makes it much easier to remove the products and clean them.The lower parts of the reactors can be conveniently lowered with an electric lift after loosening the cover screws.

A total of 11 redundant liquid nitrogen cold traps can be used for optimum and reliable vacuum operation. This protects the vacuum pump and prevents hazardous substances from escaping into the environment. The entire operation is fully automated and controlled by an industrial control system that ensures efficient and reliable performance.


  • 2 jacketed 10 L high temperature reactors with a design pressure of 6 and 30 bar and max. temperature 350 °C.
  • Operating conditions are max. 4.8 and 24 bar at max. 330 °C.
  • 3 thermostats for reactors and partial condenser.
  • Vacuum system with in total 11 redundant liquid N2 cooling traps.
  • Fully automated with industrial control system.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions W x D x Hmm2770 x 1390 x 1910/ 2460 (incl. switching cabinet)
Electrical supply3P ~ 400 V / 50 Hz / 63 A
Ambient conditions10 to 35 °C
Pressure conditionsbarPS = – 1 to 30 bar / vacuum 0,1 mbar,  PED Category III, Fluidgroup 1
Temperature conditions°CTS = -10 to 350
reactor type2 x reactors of stainless steel , 10 L @ 6 bar, 10 L semi conical @ 30 bar,
reactor lift system included
Receiver tanks (to fuse)tank (5 L) with heating sleeve
Thermostatl9 kW / 50-330 °C (receiver reactor); 9 kW / 50-350 °C (main reactor);
30-200 °C (dephlegmator)
Torque measurementNm175
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