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Polymerization Plants

Polymerization Plants for your Process

The development and optimization of polymerization processes is a crucial step in the production of polymers. Laboratory and pilot plants play a central role here, as they bridge the gap between product development and industrial production.
The properties of the polymers produced, such as molecular weight, composition and degree of cross-linking, must be precisely adjustable and reproducible, which is only possible with reliable plant and automation technology .
With a polymerization plant from AP-Miniplant, you are opting for a high-quality system that enables you to optimize your process in a realistic environment. Our AP-SmartPlant product line offers you an individually configurable solution for numerous polymerization processes. Or you can choose a fully customized AP-MyPlant for maximum flexibility.
No matter what you need: With our extensive experience in customized plant engineering, we support you in planning and design and supply you with a turnkey polymerization plant. This gives you a decisive time advantage in product development and reduces the risk of costly failures when transferring to production scale.

Polymerization plant with 20 or 50 L reactor volume

Technical Data:

  • Reactors in various forms: Gas phase reactor, dished bottom reactor, reactor with conical bottom, continuous reactors
  • Reactor volume: from 0.5 to 100 L
  • Pressure: from -1 to 200 bar
  • Temperature: from -40 to +330 °C
  • Materials: stainless steel, Hastelloy, glass, steel enamel
  • Including accessories such as: total and partial condensers, cold traps, vacuum pump, measuring technology, heating and cooling technology, strand cooler and granulator and much more.
  • Automated with Siemens S7 control and PC operation with a WinCC SCADA system including recipe control.
  • Examples: Gas-phase and slurry polymerization of olefins, polycondensation of polyester, emulsion polymerization of styrene, polyamides.

Polycondensation Plants

Polycondensation enables the production of complex plastics with outstanding properties. In polycondensation, polymers are produced by linking monomers, whereby smaller molecules such as water are split off.

By precisely controlling the temperature, pressure and reaction time in our polycondensation systems, you can set the desired material properties, such as strength, durability, melting point and more.

With an extremely compact design and robust plant and automation technology, we offer you a highly reliable solution for transferring your processes to an industrial scale or for product development.

Gas Phase Polymerization Plants

In gas phase polymerization, polymer films are created directly from gaseous monomers without the need for solvents or liquids.

This method offers numerous advantages, including precise control over the thickness and composition of the films and the ability to apply thin layers to complex surfaces. Gas phase polymerization is used in a variety of applications, from coated surfaces in the electronics industry to barrier coatings in the packaging industry.
A reliable system that is certified for higher pressures is absolutely essential here. With our systems for gas phase polymerization, you can examine the process more closely and always have all process parameters in view.

Would you like to combine several process engineering steps, e.g. by directly recycling monomer or purifying the finished product? We would be happy to provide you with a customized offer! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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