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Membrane Reactor Test System with integrated Gas Chromatograph

This membrane reactor test system, prepared for customer reactor installation, offers customized solutions for research and production in demanding environments. The system allows the installation of reactors up to 75 mm in diameter and 300 mm in height. With wide operating parameters, including a pressure range of -1 to 60 bar and a temperature range of up to 800 °C, it provides a valuable platform for diverse applications.

It features 3 liquid feeds and 6 gas feeds, giving you the flexibility to accommodate different processes. In addition, the system is equipped with 2 exhaust gas lines that use phase separators to ensure the efficiency of exhaust gas treatment. As an added highlight, the system has an integrated gas chromatograph (not shown). The automation is done with a Siemens S7 control system, Simatic WinCC and a recipe control system.


  • Customer reactor installation: Adaptability to individual requirements.
  • Wide operating range: High pressure and temperature range.
  • Wide range of feed and exhaust gas options: Adaptable to different processes.
  • Integrable gas chromatograph: Precise analysis and monitoring with automated sampling at various points.
  • Automation with Siemens S7: Precise control and monitoring for 24/7 long time tests.
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