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Distillation Plant made of Glass

This glass distillation plant can be used for research and educational purposes. It consists of a glass column with vacuum insulation and a mirrored surface that increases efficiency.
The rectification unit is equipped with a phase separator, which allows additional liquid/liquid separation and selective return of one phase. The electrically heated sump evaporator has a heating jacket with a heating capacity of 0.75 kW. The temperature can be controlled via an integrated temperature sensor, allowing the process to be set exactly.

The distillation plant is controlled via an industrial control system to provide you with comprehensive and reliable process control. This gives you full control over your process at all times.


  • Glass column with vacuum insulation, mirrored.
  • Phase separator for liquid / liquid separation.
  • Evaporator with heating jacket (0.75 kW).
  • Industrial control system.

Technical specifications

Dimensions L x D x Hmm1560 x 660 x 2360
Electrical supplyAC 230V / 60Hz +- 10 %, 1 phase system without neutral conductor
Temperature specifications°C-10 to 200 °C
Pressure databarg-1 to 0,2
ColumnMirrored glass column with vacuum insulation and sieve trays
Materials in contact with productBorosilicate glass 3.3, PTFE
Liquid feedFeed bottle: 5 L glass bottle on balance
Additional featuresPhase separator, vacuum pump
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