Preparation of Quotations

We prepare the quotations individually on the basis of the technical requirements which are given to us by our customers. Based on our experience with many plants we are able to process the quotation even if the information is not 100 % complete.
Each plant is different and therefore the required information varies from plant to plant. The more accurate the information we get, the more custom-fit the quotation can be.
Here is the most common information that usually is needed:

  • process & instrumentation diagram (can be a hand drawn sketch)
  • type, number and size of the main apparatus
  • minimum and maximum operation pressure
  • minimum and maximum operation temperature
  • materials of construction
  • amount of flow in the feed and product lines
  • physical condition and type of fluids
  • conditions at the place of installation, like dimensions, climate, ventilation etc.

We do not develop processes and we will not make quotations for a request in which only a certain amount of material per unit is specified and the above information is missing. We do not take any liability for the process performance.
We do quotations themselves normally free of costs. Depending on the complexity of the request it may happen, that the work preparing the technical documents for quoting is intense. Therefore a paid basic engineering might be required before the quote can be issued.


AP-Miniplant Requirement List


AP-Miniplant Quote