Distillation Plant

Reactive Distillation for Pressure Operation

Reactive distillation plant, with pressure column DN50, 16 bar, 250 °C, 5 straight columns 500 mm each, 3 feed points with sight glass, one moving funnel reflux divider made of stainless steel, evaporator electrically heated with stirrer, 3 controlled dosing lines with balances, feed preheater, return flow heater, cooling machine. Control system with Simatic S7 and WinCC.

Reactive Distillation for Pressure Operation     Reactive Distillation


Reactive Distillation for 40 bar at 350 °C

Reactive distillation plant, with pressure column DN40, 40 bar, 350 °C, active sections 3 x 900 mm and 1 x 1200 mm, 4 feed points and 2 feed pumps with balances, feed electrically heated, reflux by 3-way valve with electrical heater, 3.3 kW evaporator with natural thermal recirculation and level measurement. Control system with Simatic S7 and WinCC. Ex-proof design.

Reactive Distillation     Reactive Distillation


Distillation Plant with Evaporator and Crystallization

Distillation plant made of glass, with 40 mm columns. With special evaporator, which circulates the growing crystals in the evaporator to allow the continuous withdrawal.

Distillation Plant

Distillation Plant


Distillation Plant made of Glass with many Measurements

Distillation plant made of glass with many measurement, flow measurements, differential pressure, temperatures etc.

Distillation Plant made of Glass 


High-Temperature Distillation

High temperature distillation plant made of stainless steel, -1/0,5 bar, 350 °C, electrically heated evaporator, column with electrical jacket heating, condenser with oil for a condensation temperature up to 250 °C. Feed, bottom product and distillate vessels are placed on balances.

Hochtemperatur Destillationsanlage aus Edelstahl


High Temperature Evaporator Plant

High temperature evaporator, evaporation temperature 300 to 350 °C, short time temperature 500 °C for de-coking is possible. Stainless steel evaporator coil with cyclone separator for residues which cannot be evaporated, Air coil for cooling, All apparatus is casted into an Aluminum alloy block, 6 heating cartridges with low surface load guarantee a very even temperature distribution.

 Hochtemperatur-Verdampfer Anlage   Hochtemperatur-Verdampfer Anlage - Modell