Control Systems

The majority of the plants we build are equipped with an automatic laboratory control system which consist of a hardware process logical control (PLC) and a PC-based human machine interface (HMI)
Our standard laboratory control system for completely automated plants is a Siemens PLC S7/300 series with Profinet connection and a Windows PC with the SCADA system Simatic WinCC. For very simple plants, single controllers, data recorders or simple process logical controllers can be used. At the high end we use a Siemens distributed control system Simatic PCS7.
For discontinuous plants we use a recipe control system which is based on MS-Excel® and which allows a very flexible handling of recipes. The user will make his recipes himself by defining or changing the steps in definition sheets. The number of recipes and steps is only limited by the Excel® capacities, which are huge.
Measured data is stored and can be exported e. g. to Excel® – worksheets.
Custom specific control systems can be installed, but not be programmed by ourselves. For this purpose we can either include specialists for the specific control system, or the customer does it with his own capacities.


Control system - Switching Cabinet

Switching cabinet with control system

Control system - Operator screen at the computer

Operator screen at the computer

Control system - Controller


Control system - Safety settings

Safety settings

Control system - Recipe screen

Recipe screen