Pressure Filter - Glas Filter

Pressure Filter-Dryer, 3 L

Filter Dryer, suspension volume 3 L, -1/6 bar, 150 °C, heated with jacket at the side and at the bottom, filter area approx. 130 cm², filter plate either sinter metal or with a mounting device for filter cloth or filter paper. The withdrawal of dry powder can be done from the side by tilting the apparatus. As an option a valve for withdrawal under controlled atmosphere is available. For the withdrawal of wet powder, final cleaning or exchange of the filter mesh the filter can be opened with a quick connector and lowered down with a lift. The stirrer can be adjusted in height. The vessel is pressurized with nitrogen. There is a vacuum pump, a condenser and a filtrate collection tank. For the convenient cleaning a CIP cleaning nozzle is installed. The integrated thermostat is with hot water. Other configurations are possible. The automation is with a process logical controller and a touch panel.


Glass Filter

Glass filter, 2 L, for vacuum, diameter 150 mm, with PTFE support, height of the cylindrical part and connections can be modified, with bottom valve and tripod-stand

Glas-Filter, elektrisch beheizt

Glas-Filter, elektrisch beheizt