Our Location – Lindewerra

Lindewerra is a village in the north-west of Thuringia, one of the 5 states in former East-Germany. It is located in a scenic place at the western edge of the Eichsfeld region on the banks of the Werra River.
AP-Miniplant is situated at the main road in the center of the village.
In the younger past until 1989, the village had the sad role to be situated in the 500 m zone of the “Iron Curtain”, with double fences on the river banks as the most visible sign of a border of inhumanity.
From this position at the western end of the socialistic world it has been shifted into the geographical center of the reunified Germany. As a consequence the region has become a center of the logistic industry. Although a rural place, the larger cities of Göttingen and Kassel can be reached within 35 minutes.